Sanko dietary supplement paste 50g



A paste dietary supplement that is convenient for feeding rabbits and other small animals! Supports appetite maintenance and intestinal environment.

■ Raw materials

Sucrose, wheat germ oil, vegetable oil, powdered soy protein, unripe banana powder, Preservatives (sodium dehydroacetate, paraben), vitamins (A, B12, D3, E)

Rough material
Crude fat
Rough dimension
Coarse Ash

Daily feeding amount: (for reference only)

A small animal weighing 1KG should be fed about 2~3g (about half a teaspoon) every day
*You may feel nauseated if you give too much at one time,
Please adjust the portion size according to your pet’s physical condition*

Applicable objects: Rabbit/Guinea pig/Chinchilla/Hamster/Sugar glider